Hello All!

I am Yuri Yamaguchi, President of UNI.HOUSE.

I was born in Okayama prefecture in Japan and am 24 years old.

Passing between Tokyo and Okayama, I am currently working on the project of UNI.HOUSE. It is the first interactive guest house and rental space that welcomes inbound tourists in Ushimado, Setouchi city, Okayama.


I am learning about service and management from two female entrepreneurs in Tokyo while doing four jobs such as a guest house and a English bar to earn for the project.

And finally, thanks to the support from many people, my dream is about to come true after seeking for four years. My guest house is scheduled to be open this September. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to those who have supported me.

【Why did I start this project and open a guesthouse?】

Because meetings with various people at guest houses greatly changed my own life filled with complains. You have great access to information and various relationships if you live around central cities. Living in a countryside without going on to college, I did not such opportunities. I used to believe that it was too hard for me to change my job or travel abroad, and exciting stories on SNS looked alien to me. Furthermore, I could not critically judge overwhelming information on the Internet.


My encounters with many people at guest houses gave me life lessons and opportunities allowing me to quit my previous job and move forward.



I’m firmly convinced that I owe who I am now to those who I have met so far. I am excited for my own life filled with people, places and memories I love. Having overcome my own struggles, I want to create a space that is open to various tourists and neighbors regardless of their nationality, age or occupation in Okayama.

I believe that an encounter enriches one’s life multiplying potentials in life. Although each person has various definition of happiness, I hope my guest house could provide happy encounters.



I named my guest house UNI.HOUSE wishing that this place would be the second home for everyone to spend a wonderful time

UNI has many meanings.

YOU and I (UNI)


The logo of the guest house is named after my own name, Yuri (優理) and designed by many of my precious friends.

【Ushimado, Setouchi city, Okayama 】

I chose here for building UNI.HOUSE because I want to make a place where tourists and neighbors interact with each other in my hometown.

Ushimado is located in the middle of Kinki, Shikoku and Kyushu region with good access to transportation. Ushimado has mild climate, nature and tourist resources.


【Attraction of Setouchi city】


Although Ushimado has many pensions and guest houses and known as Japanese Aegean Sea, it does not have reasonable accommodations for inbound tourists. Therefore, I want to provide a space that values human connections and enriches one’s life through UNI.HOUSE.


Let’s create UNI.HOUSE making your life, Ushimado, Okayama and Japan exciting together!

Please spread 『UNI.HOUSE』with SNS. 

I wish many people would know and be interested in UNI.HOUSE. ♡



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